Joe Biden is as problematic as Donald Trump. Here’s why.

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Over the past week, some startling accusations have come out against Democratic candidate Joe Biden. According to Tara Reade, in the ’90s she was asked to bring something to Mr. Biden who then pinned her against the wall and fondled her beneath her skirt. After the fact, Tara said he said something to the effect of “come on, man, I thought you liked me.”

Joe Biden being a creep is nothing new. There are dozens of videos of him smelling girls of various ages from behind, sometimes forcefully holding them in place while he cops a sniff. These new allegations are quite damning, and one would expect the #MeToo movement and the official business for helping victims of sexual assault, Time’s Up, to respond. Strangely, not a peep has been heard from the acclaimed organizations, and when asked what they were planning on doing, they stated that due to the fact that Biden was running for federal office, it could jeopardize their nonprofit status if they went after him.

This is not true. As long as the claims and allegations made are objective and have no correlation to Biden running for office, then they can proceed as normal. Their statement is either a lie or a mistruth told from ignorance, but either way, nothing is being done about Biden assaulting this woman. No news outlets are covering this, and the exact opposite of what should be going on is happening on Twitter.

Instead of voters rallying around the only candidate left who isn’t morally bankrupt, people are now resorting to “Well, Trump raped more so I’m going to vote for the guy who raped fewer people” or “well, this rapist has good policy so I’m going to vote for him instead.”

Additionally, people are dragging Reade’s name through the dirt and calling her a Russian asset based on some remarks made previously in her life. Have we really graduated from voting for the lesser evil to the lesser rapist? Did Brett Kavanaugh get off scot-free when he was accused of sexual assault? No, because it’s fine to report sexual assault as long as he’s a conservative.

Our media is so corrupted by politics now that truth and justice are being twisted to suit the needs of the establishment. There was a man who ran for president in 2016 who failed to name one of the branches of energy or something to that effect. He made one slight mistake in a single debate, and it cost him the nomination. He was a frontrunner in the race and was predicted to be one of the main nominees later in the year, but he ruined it with one slight mistake.

I can think of five mistakes that Joe Biden has made the last time they let him out of his playpen to go on camera, but he still is the presumptive nominee for the democratic party. Despite all the things that are wrong with Biden, from his consistently failing wits to his rape allegations, how is this man still being touted as a hero?