Piper’s Thoughts Week 2

Piper Orio-Dettling

Hi everyone! It’s Piper, back with another tip that I picked up during my college years. My second tip goes off of last week, and that is to simply find your people. We’ve all heard it. During our college years, we’re supposed to find the people that will be at our wedding, our kid’s godparents, the ones we’ll share a hallway within the retirement home, etc. However, your goal should be to find friends that you connect with personally that could lead to these future endeavors; people that you can genuinely rely on, whether it is the middle of the night and you just need a friend, or you’re bored after class and want to grab coffee with someone. 

This isn’t an exact plan, but here are tips that helped me find my group and enhance my college experience.

First, relating to my story from last week, be yourself. You can be anyone you want in college, but by being yourself, you’ll attract the right people who are meant to be in your life and fit, just like the last puzzle piece.

Additionally, get involved on campus or even off. Whether it is through an organization, a job, or social events, Tech hosts. These are all great ways to meet someone without it being awkward or having that anxious “new” feeling. Also, they will more than likely have something in common with you, which will help to create great conversation. 

Finally, be genuine. In my experience, I’ve learned that people like people who listen, care, and have good intentions. When you first meet someone, ask where they’re from, what they want to do with their degree, and make real conversation off any topic that comes up. I know it may sound silly, but I’ve made the best friendships out of the people who made every conversation seem intentional. 

That’s it for this week, folks. Go step out of your comfort zone, and I’m sure you’ll create long-last friendships during your years at Tech.