24-Stroke Win for Mens’ Golf

Andre Jacobs Taking a Swing

PHOTO | @atumgolf

The Wonder Boys golf team won with an overall score of 860 strokes against the Houston Classics. The next best score was 24-strokes behind ATU.

Tech found themselves in second place after round 1. They regained the lead in the second round, which was their lowest scoring round of the match, and refused to slow down. Their third and final round gave them a 24-stroke lead over the other 13 schools competing in the tournament. The Houston Classic won with only 860 shots taken over the two-day tournament.

The Men’s Golf team is full of low-scoring players. Tech’s lowest scoring average was Francois Jacobs and Santiago De La Fuente. Jacobs and Fuente finished the match with a scoring average of one-under-par (213 total). These two scoring averages tied for first on the Tech team and in the overall tournament. Andre Jacobs and Henry Frizzell finished the match with a scoring average of even-par (217 total). Hayes Hamilton ended his three rounds with an average of 77 shots taken per round (233 total).

“Francois Jacobs stuck to his plan of not checking results or following live scoring, and he was rewarded with his second victory in his career this week,” Luke Calcatera, golf coach, said.

Arkansas Tech dominated the field in birdies made throughout the tournament, recording 53. Tech also led the tournament in eagles with a total of three. Tech capitalized on their opportunities to score on par fives by registering 21 and over the match on par fives alone. This allowed ATU to lead the field in scoring average on par fives.

“Our goal is to take it one week at a time, try to improve our chemistry as a group, and become better as the year goes on,” Calcatera said.

The Arkansas Men’s Golf Team will travel to San Antonio, Texas, to compete in the Rattler Invitational at The Dominion Country Club on Feb. 21 and Feb. 22. The team will look to record another win for their successful season.