Printmakers Art Gallery

New Year, New Prints!!

Our resident, Norman Art building, is somewhat notorious for hosting various art galleries, whether it features student-made art or art by others. In this new year, they are hosting a variety of works from the Arkansas Society of Printmakers until Feb. 25.

The artists featured are as follows: Tammy Harrington, Megan Johnson, David Warren, Courtney White, Ernest Cialone, Jessie Hornbrook, Neal Harrington, Colin McLain, and Barbara Cade.

Various prints are on display, including the likes of relief prints of other methods, letterpress, linoleum cuts, monotype prints, line etchings, and lithographs.

In looking at the works of different artists, Tammy Harrington gains a large feature for the bright and bold colors she uses within her relief print designs. Perhaps my most favorite piece of hers was the first one I noticed upon entry: “Elberta Peach.”

Along with the bright and bold colors, this piece has a classic retro vibe that works to have a timeless appeal.

Another artist that particularly stood out to me was Neal Harrington and his works! Harrington displays excellent talent with linework and line variation to create a captivating piece with a minimal color palette. His linocut pieces, “Arkansas Toothpick” and “The Mystery of the Dover Lights,” boast minimal color palettes with full detail.

The last artist I wanted to touch on for my personal favorites was Courtney White and her works. She also has a couple linocut pieces in the gallery, “Worn Soles,” “You Called,” and “Untitled.”

I think “You Called” has to be my favorite out of all of them for the adorable subject matter and beautiful print in the background! “Worn Soles” also has a beautiful pattern in the background. White’s linocuts have great sufficient detail in them, and the colorful backgrounds only complement the pieces and make them stand out all the more.

While I love all the pieces displayed and am so thankful for every artist’s creation, these were just the few that stood out quite uniquely to me. Thank you both to our Norman Art building for hosting these galleries and the Arkansas Society of Printmakers for submitting their works for our viewing pleasure! May their creativity continue to bless and inspire others.