Roberson On Course

Josie Roberson

PHOTO | Tara Espinoza

“I was 9 years when I made my first hole in one.” 

It would take student-athlete Josie Roberson twelve years to make her next ace during a practice. 

While Roberson made her first ace at 9, she started playing at 6 years old after her grandfather signed her up for a nonprofit organization called First Tee. 

“I was not an aggressive sport’s kid. So the classes were just something to do on the weekend, but I was good and stuck with it,” she said.

Roberson is a junior majoring in wellness science and an ATU women’s golf team member.  

Even though she started as an individual player, Roberson always wanted to be on a team which drove her to play in college. 

“Playing in college is the best of both worlds because you have team-based matches and others that are individual. Everyone has a “group” in college, and my group is the golf team. Having friends that can relate to the struggle of being a student-athlete is key to success,” Roberson said.

When searching for a college, Roberson would always return to Tech’s website, “I love Arkansas and wanted to play in the state. I took a tour of the campus, and I loved everything about it, so I signed, and I’ve been here ever since,” she said.

Having played golf most of her life, Roberson has gained a lot of experience, life skills and fans.

“My role models have been my family. My mom and dad would always push me to do my best. My dad even plays with me now, so we like to compete. My grandparents have also been huge support; they have attended all my tournaments,” she said. 

Roberson has had coaches who taught her to view a golf match like life. 

“Golf is always a work in progress, just like life. You can always improve. I have learned time management, earned accomplishments and learned how to be a better person in the match and outside,” Roberson said. 

Roberson has played at Pebble Beach, historically one of the hardest golf courses to play at. 

She notes how golf she a mental sport, and having a team can help you stay motivated. 

“You spend four hours on the course, and if you mess up, it’s easy to get down, but you have to go to your happy place, and the team helps with that; they can help you get out of that negative mind space,” said. 

When Roberson is not on the course, she likes to explore Russeville with hobbies like axe-throwing, rollerblading, or going to the theater. 

Roberson has earned the 2020 GAC Golfer of the Week and the ASGA Women’s Amateur Play of the Year. This year her hopes for the team are to win a conference championship between April 10-13.