Sole2Soul Partnership with ATU Prospers

Sole2Soul, a fitness studio in downtown Russellville, has a partnership program with ATU students in which they pay for 20 students per day to attend any, or all, of the classes the gym is offering that day.

         “We offer about 25 classes per week, so there are plenty of choices. All ATU students have to do is sign up using the IMLeagues app and sign the Tech sign-in sheet when they attend,” said Sole2Soul.

         The IMLeagues app can be downloaded from any app store and the classes can be found under the Fitness tab of the main page of the app. Students can sign up either the day before or the day of the class they are interested in taking.

         Some examples of the classes they offer are hot yoga, barre, yoga, step, pilates and several more fitness classes. They also have a gym area for members who can use the equipment, which has all been modified to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines.

         “This partnership has been extremely successful. However, the first semester was a bit slow because of the pandemic. Sole2Soul expanded into the ‘Rendezvous’ building to allow more people to attend classes and still stay socially distanced. Because we are a unique gym and offer the most classes in Russellville, we plan to continue our partnership for years to come, with Tech’s approval,” said Sole2Soul.

         Not only does the partnership with ATU provide a service for students, but it also greatly benefits the small business community.

         “Our instructors love teaching to larger classes and having Tech students attend brings a special energy to every class we teach. As a small business owner, the revenue we get from our contract with Tech is invaluable,” they said.

         “It’s a great atmosphere. The instructors are constantly encouraging and make working out fun. It’s also great if you’re intimidated to go to a traditional gym, the classes really are for everyone and each workout can be modified to fit individual needs. It’s a safe environment and I always feel like I’m surrounded by other people that want me to succeed,” said Kara Dickens, senior political science major from Cedarville, Arkansas.

         Because of the pandemic, Sole2Soul had to make accommodations, and they were able to expand their studio to the building next door.

“COVID didn’t stop us from working out, well except last March when we had to shut down. We solved the problem of exercising while social distancing by expanding. Sole2Soul has over 7,000 square feet now. We also have cleaning supplies throughout the gym as our members and instructors are vigilant about sanitizing equipment after use,” said Sole2Soul.

         If your student organization wants more information about hosting an event through this partnership with Sole2Soul, contact Rachel at (479) 567-2611.