Terrible Threes – _atumemes_ Celebrates Third Birthday

ATU Student Holding His Favorite Meme

PHOTO | Abbott

Three years ago this month, an Arkansas Tech freshman anonymously created the “Arkansas Tech Memes” page on Instagram. Today, the account has over 200 posts and nearly 2,000 followers.

The student behind the memes is a senior this semester, and he is surprised by the account’s growth.

“I never imagined the account would be this popular,” the Arkansas Tech senior said. “I’m blessed to have this platform, and I hope it continues to grow.”

Earning 100 followers since the beginning of the semester, “Arkansas Tech Memes” has gained a cult following on campus. Students from all classes and majors enjoy the account’s tongue-in-cheek humor.

“It’s a way of unifying the campus through comedy,” Preston Abbott, a music education major from Russellville, said.

Ethan Seay, a mechanical engineering major from Melbourne, said he often revisits the memes when he needs a good laugh.

“The page takes my favorite memes from high school and applies them to college life,” Seay said. “I love the Duo Mobile memes. Those are hilarious.”

Besides Duo Mobile, “Arkansas Tech Memes” has also made posts about Baztech, Jerry the Bulldog and Arkansas Nuclear One. While the memes are generally positive, the account occasionally pokes fun at the university’s shortcomings.

“You have to be able to laugh at yourself,” the account creator said. “Arkansas Tech University is a wonderful place, but it is far from perfect. I often use the memes to make light of issues around campus. If we can laugh and grow together, then I’ve done a good job.”

The account creator wished to remain anonymous, but he’s considering a face reveal before graduation.

For more memes, students can follow @_atumemes_ on Instagram.