That’s a Wrap

Time Out for Tech 2021


As Time Out for Tech 2021 came to an end, the experience for everyone showed what may be in store for potential future students of Arkansas Tech.

With approximately 1,000 students and their families in attendance at the biggest preview day of the year, students and families attended from local and surrounding city high schools, such as Fordyce, Greenbrier, Fayetteville, Russellville and more.

ATU’s SGA vice president, Kaitlyn Wright, explained her view of what Time Out for Tech 2021 is about.

“Being able to talk to them and tell them our experience, so that we can kind of help them get a head start for when they get on campus. So, they know what to do and how to get involved,” Wright said.

Russellville high school senior, Lucas Baugh, discussed how they felt, and what they looked forward to about their experience while being at Time Out for Tech.

“I’m excited today to at least learn about what I wanna do,” Baugh said “I really wanna go into animation or go into fisheries and wildlife, and I know that Tech offers a nice fisheries and wildlife program. So, I feel like I’m excited to learn and see what it’s like,” Baugh said.

Although for high school seniors and their families, TOFT brought a sense of emotions. For RSO’s on campus, it opened the door for opportunity.

Sophomores and members of the Sigma Alpha sorority on campus, Abigail Petty and Amber Morris, discussed how their first-time experience was, tabling at the event.

“It’s a great way for people to be like, ‘yeah I’m interested,’ and they get to know people before they even join organizations,” Petty said.

“I think it’s a great experience…for them find the organizations that they wanna be a part of and go ahead and get more information about them before they come so that way when they do come, when they hear that those organizations are having events, they’re like, ‘okay now I can actually experience what are in those events,’” Morris said.

For some of the current ATU students, being able to be a part of this year’s event was their first-time attending Time Out for Tech. SAB vice president and junior, Brock Jacobs, enjoyed the experience.

“Time Out for Tech has been a lot of fun…” Jacobs said “I didn’t go to Time Out for Tech, so to be able to give this experience to new students has been really fun.”