New ‘Chick’ on Campus

Worker at Jerry's Diner

PHOTO | Beau Foster

Is this campus big enough for two chicken restaurants? We’ll soon find out. Jerry’s Diner now serves popcorn chicken and chicken sandwiches. Previously, the Baz-Tech restaurant mainly served burgers and BLTs.

According to Tina Docekal, Jerry’s Diner broadened its menu earlier this semester. Docekal has worked at Baz-Tech for four years and enjoys the new products. She endorsed the chicken sandwich.

“It’s really, really good,” Docekal said. “If you haven’t had it, you’ve got to try it.”

She was so adamant about the product that she bought this reporter one to try. After testing the chicken sandwich, one question remained. Who has the best chicken?

Sutton Griffin, a mechanical engineering major from Springdale, was impressed by Jerry’s chicken.

“It’s more consistent than Slim’s,” said Griffin. “You can’t tell me that Slim’s is good every time.”

Logan Fowler, an ag business major from Van Buren, disagreed with Griffin’s assessment.

“It’s all right, but it’s not the best,” said Fowler. “I’ve always wondered why the popcorn chicken doesn’t come with fries.”

Fowler said he would like Jerry’s chicken more if the meal trade included fries and a drink.

All in all, only a few students who were interviewed said that Jerry’s chicken was better, but most said they thought the quality of Slim’s chicken had declined since the beginning of the semester. Perhaps one day, Jerry’s Diner will be the premier chicken restaurant on campus.