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This past week Arkansas Tech athletics introduced a new logo or “visual identity.” This logo’s biggest change is shifting from the “ATU” acronym to “Tech.” While Arka Tech is fine with this change, it reminds us of Arkansas Tech’s struggles to have a solid and uniting identity.

Last semester we published an editorial discussing the mascot of Tech or the lack thereof. This editorial is still available to read on our Website, but it brought up the point that students at Tech do not have a single mascot to rally behind. Our sports teams have separate nicknames between men’s and women’s teams. However, all those nicknames do not have an image to represent them. Jerry, our ambassador, is the most associated image of Arkansas Tech these names. Many people outside of the school even assume he is our mascot.

In the before-mentioned editorial, we sent out a poll. While many still supported the Wonder Boys name, most participants agreed that we should declare a new mascot. Many of these participants commented that we should change to the bulldogs or even The Jerries.

No matter what side of this discussion you support, it is clear that Tech needs a stronger identity. A strong college must have a strong identity to unite its students, alums, and faculty. Arka Tech believes that this needs to change.

The question is, what exactly does Arkansas Tech want to be? What future does the school see for itself, and how can students expect to feel a sense of unity?

These questions may take some time to answer as Arkansas Tech, and higher education generally change around us. However, in the meantime, let us know what you think about the identity of Arkansas Tech and the new athletics logo.