Vote Russ or Bust!

Levitt AMP Vote QR Code

Live music and community engagement is a passion for Cannon Cobb, an administrative assistant for Main Street Russellville, an organization dedicated to preserving downtown.

He is advocating for the Levitt AMP grant, which would bring ten concerts and 30,000 dollars to Russellville.

The grant aims to help small to mid-sized towns by showing off and growing their public outdoor event spaces and concert venues. The money could be used for things such as renovations and additions, so long as Main Street, Russellville puts on ten extra live concerts a year.

“This money will go directly into making Russellville a music-driven community and offering more music opportunities for us as well as the River Valley and Arkansas as a whole,” Cobb said.

According to Cobb, 13,000 dollars are typically set aside for music in Russellville; a stipulation of the grant is to match the amount and bolster the account by 60,000 dollars annually for three years.

“These would be free concerts anyone would be able to attend. We may not be able to bring Maroon 5, but it will give us the ability to expand to different artists,” Cobb said with a smile.

Cobb continues, explaining how big of a deal it would be for students.

“There is a misconception that there’s nothing to do in Russellville. I think this would help people realize that there is indeed stuff for people to do here. Downtown is a great hotspot, there are art places and venues, and with that grant, even more concerts,” Cobb said.

Cobb urges all to vote for Russellville by scanning the QR code above or texting RUSSELL to 1-866-267-2023.