Tech Fit Should Be Open Longer

Gym Graphic

GRAPHIC | Johnan Mitchell

Something that irks me slightly is that our gym closes so early at Tech. To that, I ask, Why?

I understand the reasoning, they want to keep people staffed, and conflicting hours make it difficult, considering students are actively working. This definitely makes sense within the confines of other facilities, such as the student union, cafeteria, and library.

In my opinion, the gym doesn’t require that much staffing anyway, so why is it necessary to have staffers there? This may come from the point of ignorance, but I know of many places that do not staff their gym at certain hours, and if the gym-goer has card access, they can easily get in and leave.

Considering we already use Tech Identification to get into the Hull Building after 5 anyway, I feel this could be very easily implemented. What is stopping us from not always? Is it a liability?

Because if it is an issue of liability, then what are the wavers we have to sign when we decide to use Tech Fit?

Is it an issue of people incorrectly using workout gear? Because we are all adults here, and if someone decides to be dumb in the gym, they will still get punished to the fullest extent of the school or, in worse cases, the law.

I do not understand the reasoning behind not being able to use the gym after hours.

It makes sense for the gym to be open 24 hours a day. I could see the gym being closed on the weekend because of custodial issues, but it has very much frustrated me since I have been attending Tech.

For this reason, a 24-hour gym could benefit everyone interested in working out, especially those who prefer late-night workout sessions.