Clean Up For The Community


The Thrift Store is a nonprofit organization in which all proceeds go toward assisting The River Valley Shelter for Battered Women and Children, and their many programs assisting individuals in the community. 

The Thrift Store believes “No one deserves to live in fear. Everyone, regardless of sexuality, race, gender, culture, or religion, deserves to be treated with respect and compassion.” 

ATU students had the opportunity to volunteer at The Thrift Store on Friday, Oct. 20. Those students worked hand in hand with staff by sorting through donated items, organizing shoe and pants racks, and cleaning around the building. 

In one hour of volunteering, students managed to sort through 13 boxes of donated items. Seven of those boxes were repurposed and will be sold in the store. The rest of the six boxes will be donated to Goodwill. 

Volunteers expressed their encouragement and gratitude toward The Thrift Store throughout the event.

“It’s amazing to help other people when I can. I’m a medical student and it’s highly looked upon to help others,” said Hannah Stewart, senior. 

“As a sociology major, it’s very important for me to be in my community helping and doing things where I can,” said Elsie Clark, junior. 

“I’m the president of the math club and I wanted to try to recruit my members to help out in the community more,” said Derek Thompson, senior. 

By volunteering with The Thrift Store, students earn service hours, give back to the community, and have a chance to learn about who they’re helping. In addition, volunteers get a 20% discount on items they purchase while volunteering. 

For more information on volunteer opportunities, you can visit the organization at 1509 E Main St. Russellville, AR. They can also be found on Instagram @rvthrift and on Facebook @The Thrift Store.