Queso Crawl

Queso Crawl


Staff writers Kiya Lawson, Kelsey Morris, and Nikki Victory decided to try a variety of different cheese dips from restaurants around town. After talking with students around campus about their favorite dips, we decided to go to the 4 restaurants that kept coming up in conversation. 

For each cheese dip we tried, we noted the color, liquidity, spice level, and jotted down some general comments about each one. 

First, we tried Chili’s Original Skillet Queso. Out of the four we tried, this is the only one that students can get all over the country, not just in Russellville. The color of this queso was more orange than yellow. This was also the only one tried that had meat in it. It was the thickest of all four. The queso was rated a 1/5 on our spice scale by all 3 staff writers. Overall, this is the one all 3 staff writers didn’t really care about. 

Second, we tried Stoby’s Original Large Cheese Dip. There are 2 Stoby’s locations: one here in Russellville, and the other in Conway. This cheese dip was somewhere in between orange and yellow. Stoby’s cheese dip wasn’t as thick as Chili’s but was still on the thicker side. This cheese dip didn’t have any spice to it. This cheese dip was just okay, according to the staff writers. 

Third, we had Taco Villa’s Cheese Dip. As someone who grew up in this area, this is probably my favorite cheese dip. The other 2 staff writers didn’t like it too much. This cheese dip was yellow, kind of thick, and not spicy at all. Again, as someone who has lived here my entire life, this is the cheese dip I would recommend to anyone and everyone.  

Fourth and finally, we tried La Huerta’s Cheese Dip. Most students we talked to about cheese dip brought La Huerta up first. Kelsey and Nikki both preferred this one to the others. This was the only white cheese dip we had. This cheese dip was very thin, and just a little bit spicy. Of the four we tested, La Huerta is the closest restaurant to campus, and clearly boasts a record of being a favorite among students.

Inspired by an article done by “The Reflector” at Mississippi State University.