Small Town Nightmares Part IV

Worn Down Home

GRAPHIC | Tara Espinoza

Previously:  It was as if the town was controlled by something bigger than themselves.


“Mrs. Marsh? Can we ask you some more questions?” An officer asked as Marissa opened her front door. She stood silently with a blank gaze just behind the officer’s head. He turned to look where she was staring, but nothing was there.

“Ma’am?” He said; she closed the door, walked over to her couch, sat down, and watched TV.

The officer knocked on the door. No answer. Drakes’s car pulled into the driveway shortly after the officer started to walk away.

“Mr. Marsh! Can I ask you some questions?” The officer yelled and waved as Drake got out of his car.

“Not now, sir; we’re still mourning our missing daughter that you all have done NOTHING to find. She could be dead by now, and you continue to pester us!” Drake responded as his face turned red and frustration grew…


The door creaked open, and before Maelee could introduce the kids to the room, she was escorted away by two men who wore bright purple marks which fit their faces perfectly. Maelee was sat in the middle of a room filled with wooden crosses and red stains seeping through the walls. Pictures of each child hung on each wall.

“Coming to take our burdens away

Forever young

By the grace of him

We bleed the purple until we die

Good things come from pain

The price has to be paid.”

The group lifted their faces and hands to the sky, their palms facing upwards and fingers pointed outwards; they shut their eyes and began to recite this chant thrice. Maelee remembered now where she was and what was happening to her…